Healthy Snacks for Work


office_snacksIt is a typical mid-morning/mid afternoon in office! Loads of work, back to back meetings and a skipped breakfast/lunch have left you completely drained physically and mentally. Without you knowing it you are in the office canteen reaching out for your comfort food i.e. a cup of hot coffee and a bag of chips/crackers or better still a cheezy pizza or a piping hot samosa! But in no time you are left all the more drained, exhausted and irritated..thanks to the high sodium ,sugar and unhealthy fats in your ‘comfort’ food!

Here are few options of healthy snacks which could come handy at such times and ones you can easily carry to office!

  • Fruits/Dry Fruits
  • Nuts/Roasted Grains/Roasted seeds
  • Puffed Rice/Plain unsalted popcorn
  • Indian snacks like Idli, Poha, Upma etc
  • Sprouts
  • Roasted Chana/Peanuts
  • Yogurt
  • Soup/Tender coconut water
  • Oatmeal/oats biscuits
  • Vegetable sticks with low cal dip.

Read the article to know about some more healthy snack options:








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